Monday, January 23, 2012

The beginning

Well I decided to start this up so that way I have something to look back to when all of this is said and done. Well here is how it all started. It was a Thursday afternoon and I had a normal dr. Appt. set for 4:00. Although it wasn't going to be normal for it was my first check up I was going to get checked for dilation. Turns out it was far from a normal 36 wk. check up. I get called in before I got the chance to even sit down. I wait nervously for probably like 20 minutes when the dr. I'm meeting for the first time comes in. She first checks to see if I'm dilated. 2 cm she says. I start to get a little nervous. Well I guess you can be 2 cm for awhile I thought to myself. I then proceed to tell her I think I might be leaking. So she gets a strip out to see if it turns blue (meaning amniotic fluid). Yep it sure did. She takes a speculum and goes to test it. Meanwhile I stand up and leak right onto the floor. She comes in and tells me she can't really tell cause there was too much mucous on it. So I tell her about the leak on the floor. She puts a strip down and sure enough...BRIGHT BLUE!! Her words were "your having a baby!" I'll never forget those words. This is probably the scariest encounter I will ever have. A million things running through my head. "Where are my kids going to go?, I gotta call Andrew., Will my baby be okay?" I then head across the street to the hospital...and it all began.


  1. I love you friend!!! Im so happy you started this blog! It will be an amazing place for you to get your feeling out and find support :) Your an amazing mommy! K,C,and T are luckiest boys to have you as their mom!

  2. I love you, Sweetie! Give Tressel kisses for me! <3