Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Big Day

Today was a big day. Last night when we left the hospital we were told that it was "likely" you would get your uvc out today and would be moving to a crib. That's exactly what happened!!! I got there about 11am and it was already out!!! Yay! While holding you for the first time, I got to feed you your very first feeding from a bottle!( with mommys milk of course) This was the best feeling ever!!! You drank about half, and the other half from the tube. She told me to burp you..I started crying. I was finally getting to be your mommy. While I was holding you, you pooped. So guess what else I got to do?? Change your diaper!! I have been on cloud nine all day! I hope you enjoyed being held! Daddy, Nana and papa,as well as your uncle Jason and and aunt melissa got to hold you today! I fed you twice, and showed up while you were getting your 9 pm feeding. You ate all of your bottle! Good job little buddy! Your brothers cant wait to see you. Every time i show kelan your picture he asks where your dinosaur is that he gave us to give you. I showed Chandlar your picture and he pointed out your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears!! WWe love you. I will see you tomorrow! just got news your feeding tube is out! Yay!! Sleep good little baby!

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